The New Paradigm - FULL SEMINAR

The New Paradigm - FULL SEMINAR

Entering the next level in spiritual evolution

The New Paradigm, describing a parallel reality now manifesting on this planet, represents the next level in spiritual evolution. Over time, it will transform the very definition of what it means to be human.

The New Paradigm defines a departure from human traditions, history and beliefs, and opens up new opportunities to experience and live in higher consciousness.

What does it mean to us as people? Why has this been manifested? How can we become part of it? How can this new reality transfom our lives?

"This is the biggest shift in awareness on the planet for thousands of years. It is the birth of the spiritually conscious human. Until today, most humans have been living in an animal consciousness. In the old paradigm, one would say that I am human and I have a Soul. In the New Paradigm one will say that I am Soul and I express through bodies and incarnations" -IKYA

This seminar will let you explore in depth what the New Paradigm is all about and what it means to your spiritual journey and the divine plan. You will reach a new sense of identity and understanding of your place and purpose in the world.

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The New Paradigm - FULL SEMINAR

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