The Dedicated Heart - FULL RETREAT

The Dedicated Heart - FULL RETREAT

The spiritual heart is the center of your divine intelligence. While the mind is always busy acting out the theatre of the ego, the heart is humble and has the ability to communicate directly with spirit. Service and dedication are the ways of the heart.

This retreat is all about activating the Dedicated Heart and listening through it. To bring IKYA to the world, we must let the Dedicated Heart lead the way. Love has its own laws and its own logic, and the Dedicated Heart will lead you through what the mind believes to be impossible. You will connect with spiritual presence and receive insight into the divine plan.

This weekend we will be exploring dedication and what it truly means. You will understand more about divine service and how enlightened consciousness works to promote love, healing and growth in all life. You will connect with the true dedication in your own heart.

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The Dedicated Heart - FULL RETREAT

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