Living Passionately - FULL RETREAT

Living Passionately - FULL RETREAT

Talk from IKYA Silent Retreat, November 2016

Topic - Living Passionately
Life is love in expression. It fills every atom, every cell and every manifestation at all levels of creation. Living passionately means wanting to be present wanting to take part in the continuous unfoldment and growth in the here and now. It means being everything you are everything you CAN be and letting life flow through all you are without any restrictions.

Connect to the passion. IKYA has stated that life is in love with you. It’s time to reciprocate and be in love with life. So how can you release your passion? How can you experience a love of burning intensity so powerful that it will dissolve whatever stands between you and truth? How can you fill every moment of your life with passion?

This silent retreat will be all about living passionately. You will be filled with inspiration and energy to go out into the world as a living light of passion. This retreat will transform you. It will be the most intense IKYA Silent Retreat so far. Don’t miss it.

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Living Passionately - FULL RETREAT

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